Kitaabiyat's Links Would Be Fixed Soon‏

            A few weeks ago, Kitaabiyat's Mediafire's account was suspended due to MF’s renewed Anti-Piracy policy. Though we upload books for the masses with the motive to spread the knowledge, education and zeal for learning among our Pakistani brethrens and don't expect anything in return, MF's algorithm based ruling was unable to understand the sense of love and learning of ours which pushes us to go beyond the boundaries to scan, edit and upload the best Urdu works.
 The good news is, we are moving away from MediaFire. It took us some time to find beatter file hosts, with no download limits and such but we finally did it, Alhamdullilah.
 Kitaabiyat, would be back soon with re-upped download links for its visitors.
 In the mean time we would also like to thank our visitors, who kept coming back to us and never deserted the site.

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